UKIDAKEKOKAJUEN of this "Hon Kirishima"

In UKIDAKEKOKAJUEN, father was charmed by the color of the flower of this "Honkirishima" and I went to the various places for approximately 30 years and gathered you.
As for the forestry, the mountains went to ruin with the fall of the price of wood at first. Therefore, using this ground, I planted the most beautiful flower and this Tsutsujis which thought personally on this land in Japan. Then the people who happened to pass saw the floral art of the Tsutsuji and came to visit it and tried it hard saying "let's do it in the sightseeing garden that could be pleased with more various places".
plants about more than 5000 Tsutsujis on the land of 3.3 ha.
In the garden, the Tsutsuji of red, white, pink and various colors blooms in profusion particularly the small flower is excellent attractiveness in deep red of this Tsutsujis. There is small discovery even if I have there is each beauty on fine weather and a rainy day and see the process flowering from a bud how many times.
In the mountain, you can spend it slowly while hearing the voice of the bush warbler and the murmuring of the river.
Please look at the Tsutsuji which you did lively in nature once.

owner  Sigemitsu Sakurai

UKIDAKEKOKAJUEN is 3.3 ha. I have you walk along the regular route.
It is mainly on this "Hon Kirishima" of 400 years years old.
such as Kurume Tsutsuji, honewort Tsutsuji, lotus flower Tsutsuji, Yodogawa Tsutsuji A flower, the tree that, besides, it varies including a button of Tsutsuji meet it.
Please fully enjoy spring walk.
I establish two places of rest stations.
Because you prepare for a tea break, please drop in willingly.
I perform the sale of the Tsutsuji young plant in the garden during a season.

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